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Clicks Via PROXY SITES / BROWSERS Leads Your Account Blocking
Creating More Then One Account Is Strongly Prohibited.
You Can't Add A Site If You Are Not The Owner.
You Can't Add Any Sites Without Any Real Content.
Select The Appropriate Type & Category For Sites.
Selecting Wrong Type For Sites Leads Your Account Blocking.
You Can't Make Changes To Any Of Our Ad Codes.
Full Site Redirection Is Allowed For Only Mobile Redirect Code.
Clicking Your Own Advertisements Leads Your Account Blocking.
If We Don't Find Earnplugin Ads On Your Site Payment Will Not Be Complete.
We count hits from personal wapsite not from facebook, wapka forum, twitter etc. If we getting hits from facebook , twitter etc. then your account may be block.
Please Check Invoice Details & Complain About Any Problem Within 24 Hours.
You Must Request Payout Before Payment Date To Get Payment In Successfully.
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